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A little Help reguarding a overheating GTX 560?


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A little Help reguarding a overheating GTX 560?
« on: March 26, 2013, 12:09:16 am »
Yes I'm not sure if this is where to place this But i Have a question if someone could help.

About a year ago I got a new Computer. Bought the parts from Newegg and had a friend build it and send it to me. He knows how do to do all of that better than I.

Anyways got it at the end of fed. last year then around the begining of Jan the screen would switch off like it was going to sleep but the comp was still running. Well it only did it for one game so i stopped that. Now about a week ago it did it to another and when i used MSI afterburner to check following a suggestion from someone the temps of the GPU showed spikes up to 85-90 c. So I asked around everyone said replace the thermal paste. So thats done and.....its still doing it.

So asked New egg they said they couldn't help so I sent Gig a mail to TS. Haven't heard back for a few days. So ill ask it again here,

I havent had a single problem out of my comp other than the graphics card failing. Its lasted less than a year. Thats not so good. So I was wondering is it possible for me to get a replacement or at least a something on getting another comparable product.

Any help would be awesome. Thank you.