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How to Remove NorthBridge Heatsink on GA-G41M

How to Remove NorthBridge Heatsink on GA-G41M
« on: April 06, 2013, 12:07:51 am »
Dear Friends,
I'm using a GA-G41M-Combo Motherboard and I'm facing an overheated Northbridge problem. So I want to remove the Northbridge Heatsink and replace it with a better Fan equipped heatsink laced with an Arctic Silver Ceramique 2 Thermal compound. I'm apprehended by the concern that I might not damage Northbridge in an attempt to remove Heatsink. I work for Cisco, but never have done this to my own motherboard   ::)
So I want to ask the experts, how to remove Northbridge and Southbridge Heatsinks on this Motherboard. There are 4 push screws in total that I need to pinch at the bottom to get them out. What next? Does anyone have attempted this on a Gigabyte Motherboard? Is the stock thermal compound to bond these heatsinks is strong enough to cause damage to the ChipSets if removed?
Any expert help will be appreciated  :)


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Re: How to Remove NorthBridge Heatsink on GA-G41M
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2013, 07:29:00 am »
Hi there,

I wouldn't call myself an expert but I have removed several different heatsinks from Gigabyte boards and replaced them and have not had any major issues.

The hardest thing to do is actually remove the holdings pins and springs. If you are careful, these can be reused but if they are damaged then you will have to replace them. I have a selection of small nylon nuts and bolts that I use for this purpose but they are not easy to find. I got some from e-bay though.

The thermal paste can go a little hard, making the heatsink difficult to remove but, I have found that trying to rock/twist gently with the original pins in place before removing them makes it easier.
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