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m8000x un-responsive!


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m8000x un-responsive!
« on: April 11, 2013, 04:58:07 pm »
Hi all :P
So I don't even have my m8000x mouse half a year and it seems to be broken :P
Right so I plug it into to my computer it makes a noise as it knows the mouse is there the Ghost light flashs on the mouse and then nothing.. :/ all lights out and mouse does nothing ! :/.. on the PC the mouse is picked up as pluged in and "Apparently" the driver is working... ive tried and different PCs too
ive treated the mouse with tender loving care and has never been dropped it just grinded to a halt half way through some image processing.. :/
is there a reset for the mouse or something? it almost looks and feels new like so I don't understand why its not working!?

any help is much appreciated!!!!!
thanks Pat