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GA-Z77X-UD5H + boot from mSata (SCSI\Disk_M4-CT064M4SSD3) +SATA HHD


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GA-Z77X-UD5H + boot from mSata (SCSI\Disk_M4-CT064M4SSD3) + SATA2 HDD problem
Install windows 8 x64 on mSSD and boot without any problem, but when connect my old SATA HDD to mainboard SATA 2 port computer want to start successfully Windows. Booting windows and loading first screen with progress. After hours not any different, still loading at the same starting dialog.

Look here:

-  sata1 HDD connected to SATA 2 port
 - mSATA. (Primary boot windows) - Crucial M4 64GB mSATA Solid State Drive - (CT064M4SSD3)

I use lattes BIOS firmware F14

I set first device boot priority to my mSATA, but still not have any luck.

I send ticket to support but they don't have any idea and not have a answer. Please, help ...
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