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My experience with RMA and TWO ga-x79-ud3

My experience with RMA and TWO ga-x79-ud3
« on: April 24, 2013, 12:54:16 am »
OK, so I have previously owned gigabyte boards and had a great experience with them so when I decided to drop quite a bit of cash on my girlfriend on a new computer for her birthday I had no problem staying with Gigabyte for this purpose.  I found a great looking board that had great specs and looked great with my setup.
After about 2mo the board went bad and wouldn't POST.  I went through the RMA process and after a bad experience with a customer service rep who was beyond rude, came across a nice guy who agreed to cross ship my board as I needed it in time for Christmas (I bought my girlfriend a new part and would have felt s***ty giving it to her with no computer to try it out on for 2-3 weeks).
When I got the board in there was thermal paste all over the pins…I was very upset…I called and got another RMA, although could not get cross shipped, broke the news to my girlfriend, and figured I would just wait two weeks until the next one arrived.  But I wanted madly to get my girlfriend back up and running so I decided to buy an all new motherboard, same make/model, and just sell the RMA one when it come back to make up some of my loss.
I installed new MoBo, worked great and sold the old one after I got it RMA’d (without testing, yes, my fault).  After selling/shipping the old MoBo the seller contacted me saying DOA…this is the third bad one in a row (second from RMA).  So I refunded some of the cost of what I sold it for his inconvenience and he RMA’s it himself.
It is now about 3mo into the new MoBo and it is bad….I can’t believe this…
Is there something you can do for me here as a loyal customer other than RMA?  Can I have the option of a new product (different model) for my inconvenience, surly something can be done as I am not one to complain but this is just ridiculous.  I have worked customer service for years and as a computer technician and have never experienced anything like this…