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T1125N and SSD

T1125N and SSD
« on: June 06, 2013, 04:57:52 pm »
Good day,

I have a very long list of things that I have done and will post it if it is required but in short, this is what I have done:

I Bought:
2x4GB Transcend memory modules.  :P
Corsair Force GT 480GB.  :o

Running Win7 Home Premium 32 and 64Bit.

The issue in short:
Code: [Select]
Optimus: Enabled, SP1: Installed, HDD: Installed = No Issues
Optimus: Disabled, SP1: Installed, SSD: Installed = No Issues
Optimus: Enabled, SP1: Not Installed, SSD: Installed = No Issues
Optimus: Enabled, SP1: Installed, SSD: Installed = BSOD

Optimus Enabled/Disabled in the BIOS.

Win7 32bit ntkrnlpa.exe BugCheck: 0xf4
Win7 64bit ntoskrnl.exe BugCheck: 0xf4

So this is an evil triangle between the GPU <-> SP1 <-> SSD, and I can only have two of the three.

Yes, I did try a clean windows installation from disc and updated to the latest windows updates (I will post the whole list of what I have done if requested)
Yes, I did test the memory. This issue still exist with the original memory.

I am also waiting for feedback from the respective GPU and SSD vendor regarding this issue.

Gigabyte Tech support just keeps on telling me to put the original hardware back... but why did they make such a large opening to the memory and HDD bay?

Is there anybody else out there with the same issue as I am experiencing? ??? ?

Re: T1125N and SSD
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2013, 03:15:08 pm »
Okay, I have narrowed it down to the SandForce chip of the SSD,

Anybody else having issues with a Corsair Force series SSD and Windows SP1?