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alternatives for ga-880gm-ud2h from officals ?

alternatives for ga-880gm-ud2h from officals ?
« on: June 22, 2013, 02:59:06 pm »
hello every one !
i am new to this forum so plz bear with me if i am not following any forum rules !

ok ! today i gave my 880gm-ud2h for the 9h time for rma .....
i am fedup with this and now they r saying to give me an alternate board that was ga-880gm-usb3.
but the replacement board was faulty and luckily i checked it there itself and returned the board :-/

i have a phenom II x6 1055t.

now as i was reading through net the alternate board haves only usb3 in it and rest all is same !
feedup of problems i am facing with that bread of board !

my simple question is can i have an Ga-880ga-ud3h instead of ga-880gm-usb3 ?
i thinking after nine time of rma i do deserve this board as a replacement as traveling for rma takes more then 4 hrs in train and other is other :(

they dont have anything in stock so they have called me after 4 days !

if gigabyte can offer me that board plz conform it here so that i can right fully ask them for the same !

thank you for reading my thread !

now going for rest as travelling for the board consumes my whole day.

Re: alternatives for ga-880gm-ud2h from officals ?
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no reply yet ??