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Motherboard went in for RMA, I was told it was fixed, Gigabyte lied.

Sure, make me write the whole thing again... *mutter* little problem "sorry"

I picked up a 78LMT-S2P for my arcade cabinet, I did a quick RAM chance from the original 4GB to 16GB,and one RAM slot stopped reading, after trying every test Gigabyte tech support had, I picked up some jeweler's goggles and noticed the Ram slot 0, right side, fifth pin up from the bottom was now missing. Since I live in Canada I needed to pay half the price I paid for the motherboard just to ship it back to get fixed. They told me it was fixed (only after I emailed the service department and asked if it was.) and sent it back to me. I picked up another board after that one was sent back, so decided to wait a month and use it elsewhere, I set everything up and only one ram slot was working, I took a closer look and it still had the same problem. I told the service team in my report exactly where to look, paid to ship it out, and they did nothing but clean it up, put it in a new box and ship it back. I've been waiting for a response from their service team to the emails I've sent, but I do not get any answer. My question is, why would they tell me they fixed it, but ignore the repair, clean it up to look brand new, remove the serial number sticker, and ship it back? How does a company ever expect return business with a RMA practice like that one? I'm not a rich guy I save up to buy my parts like most people here, why would a company worth 1.55 Billion (U.S dollars) try to screw over people who just want to buy a product and have it last at least a year?  Its guaranteed that any problem caused by poor workmanship will be repaired or replaced. Everyone is just so used to being lied to, that they expect to be lied to, don't fight back anymore. Just like in politics. =D l (Sorry couldn't resist that one)
I'm just really sick and tired of being pushed around, and then when I start to fight back, I'm ignored with the hope that I'll just go away. Whats the loss of one customer, there are many more out there who just want a cheap product with a guarantee!  Good job guys, just remember some day your going to try and screw over someone with lots of connections, and it going to turn around and bite you in the... (Got a three page email from a Dell watchdog before from using that one, called me a terrible person for using such a word, so let's say) Toe? Well I'll sit and wait, and email again, and wait again, its only 5 months until you can finally respond and say "Sorry warranty has expired, you should have told us that it was still broken before now."  Love the way companies do business in today's society.     

BTW is anyone from Gigabyte does actually reads this and decides to right what was wrong, I will retract my comments and apologize for my comments, but don't expect me to pay for shipping again, I've already been fooled by that one before.


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Re: Motherboard went in for RMA, I was told it was fixed, Gigabyte lied.
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2013, 07:30:35 pm »
Hi there,

I can understand your frustration but I should point out that this forum is primarily for Gigabyte UK and Ireland (although we welcome users from all over the world) and as such, there is really not much that can be done to ask questions for you in Canada. I did smile to myself though as TweakTown: which is meant to be for the USA and North America has banned RMA discussions on their site: However, it might be a good idea to pop over there and register and then contact Janus Yeh via PM as he might be able to do more for you.

I have been using Gigabyte products for over 10 years now and I have to say, from a purely personal experience, that I have never had any issues with the hardware I have purchased and when I have faced a technical problem, it has been resolved promptly and efficiently.

Yes, I am a moderator on this forum but no, I don't work for Gigabyte and like you, I am an end user who also gets really teed off when customer service is poor or non-existent. I hope that your problem can be resolved quickly and amicably for you.

Remember, when all else fails a cup of tea and a good swear will often help! It won't solve the problem but it will make you feel better.