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Gigabyte S1082 Review

Gigabyte S1082 Review
« on: July 07, 2013, 02:27:43 pm »
Hi, guys! Here's my quick revew of the tabblet.

The model I have includes
Intel® Celeron® Processor 1037 (1.8GHz)
Mobile Intel® NM70 Express Chipsets
500GB 2.5" 7mm HDD 5400rpm
Intel® HD Graphics 2500

The slate worth its money and is a very inexpensive solution for everyday business use. The plentiful HDD makes you forget about the space issues (which actually is on 99% of all tablets which the market is offering) and various ports make it so easy to plug it in to all types of projectors! The screen is very responsive though it isn't of the best quality.However it is FHD and the colors are pretty accurate. My suggestion is remove the protecting cover as it spoils the picture a lot! The battery is ok, it will give you 2-2.5 hours of work.  Gaming is possible on this tablet, I ran Fallout tactics, Torch 2, Angry Birds and Warface so far. All the games are playable,some run flawlessly, although some do not recognize touch gestures as a mouse pointer, so you have no choice but to switch to the track-pad which works beautifully btw. I recommend to lower the speed of the pointer to about 2 so it becomes more accurate. Web browsing is fantastic with the updated CPU and 8 Gb of RAM! IE 10 is a one of its kindas it allows you to zoom in and out with the pinch gesture. Youtube shows HD videos without any struggle, typing is accurate and responsive - no missing letters or glitches have been noticed. The speakers are good, they are better than some of the laptop pc speakers. I recommend to install Classic Media Player 321 as it has an option to boost the sound 4 times! Could be useful if you decided to watch a movie with your friends.

Windows 8 Performance index:
Processor: 5.9
RAM: 5.5
Desktop graphics: 4.4
Graphics for games: 5.9
HDD: 5.9

As you can see the performance level is pretty good for a tablet of this range.I went a little further and upgraded my tablet with 8Gb of Ram. After updating all drivers the index has risen to the following:

Ram: 7.2
Desktop graphics: 4.7

My new RAM is Crucial ddr3 1600 sodium 8 Gb
I have no need of installing the 3.5G card but I am thinking of sticking a 32Gb SSD to the empty mini PCI-E slot, though I'm not sure if the system will actually load from it. Any ideas about that?
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Re: Gigabyte S1082 Review
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2013, 09:46:17 pm »
I've tried to install Ubuntu to dual boot with Win8, but it all ends with the black screen=( I use a usb stick for this purpose as the tablet has got no cd rom in it. I also have no chance to install it from the external one.
I've tried all the recommendation on Ubuntu official site, still nothing comes out.
USB is identified in BIOS, boot priorities are possible to configure but still no result, only logo and nothing else happens.
You guys got any ideas how to handle this issue? And will it make sense at all, I mean will Ubuntu install all drivers like touch screen and track pad etc.?
Will appreciate any suggestions