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« on: August 11, 2013, 08:10:46 pm »

I just joined the Gigabyte forum, and I'm pretty much new to their Z87 lineup of motherboards. Just a week ago, I went to the local store to build me a new gaming PC. I saw different motherboards from different vendors, and it was hard for me to choose which motherboard to go by for the build. What caught my attention the most is seeing that beautifully packaged, very well designed G1. Sniper on the shelf. I told the guy who works at the store that I'll be back in a few hours. The reason I did this, is because I just HAD to wait a little bit to do a lot of searches about that motherboard. It looked so nice and the features mentioned on the box are so awesome, it had everything I need and much more.

After doing my search and seeing many positive reviews about it, I decide to head back the store. I immediate picked it up, along with other hardware and went back home to start assembling. Everything went very smooth, and the system did boot without any kind of hickups. The UAEFI looked absolutely gorgeous, and it was so easy to navigate through. I did some adjustments to the boot priority and everything went very smooth. I downloaded the utilities and went through every single one of them, all of them were very easy to understand and the Appcenter is such a well made software.

Usually when it comes to on-board audio, it doesn't deliver the quality you hope for, and most of them are just sound too 'flat'. Well, that doesn't apply for this piece of art. I was shocked at how good the sound quality is. Using my PC 360 from Sennheiser, I plugged it into the on-board audio on the G1. Sniper, which sports an excellent, quality Sound Blaster 3Di chip inside. It's true that people have different standards when it comes to audio in general, but boy does that sound deliver!

TL;DR, I appreciate what Gigabyte has done with the G1. Sniper. I believe that this is the best motherboard I've ever had in my years of PC building. Thank you, Gigabyte, and you just got yourself a new customer. :)