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I just want to know how can i run 2x4gb ram in my mobo

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RAM issue with G41M-combo (rev1.3)


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RAM issue with G41M-combo (rev1.3)
« on: September 12, 2013, 04:01:36 am »
hi its my first time here.. and i cant find the proper thread and proper kind of post coz it says here its a poll im making so please bare with me.. and just kindly move this post to the right thread.

sorry also for my englsih coz its not my main language and trust me im trying hard enough to be as polite as possible.

heres my specs..

MOBO: G41M-combo (rev1.3) bios version F3
CPU: core2dou E7500
GPU: Gforce 650 ti boost
PSU: coolmax 710 watts
RAM: currently with 2x2gb cheap brand (samsung)

so heres the problem i bought 2x4gb kingston 1333mhz and installed it.. but it wont boot... i tried using only using the single 4gb but same problem. at first everything powers up for approximately 3-5 seconds and it the PC will restart again over and over..

i read someone posted here bout the same issue and he was able to fix it.. but no clear info on how he did it.. please guys help me... i really want to upgrade my RAM..

im in KSA and there RAM like vengeance, corsair, and kingston available here...