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7790 Video Card and Win8


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7790 Video Card and Win8
« on: September 10, 2013, 10:16:34 am »
Today I purchased a video card for a customer that he had researched and wanted. It is obviously a new ATI 7790 and he said it would be great, especially going onto an AMD (Asus FX990 R2 Sabertooth) MB.

I changed the card and before doing so, I removed the OLD drivers for the nvidia card that was in it well, it caused ALL sorts of dramas.
The machine would not load the ATI driver after rebooting and just sat there with the HDD light flickering on and off but nothing happening so, I RE INSTALLED Win8, which DIDN'T pick up the Video card at all and loaded a normal driver (microsoft).

Installed the so called BEST driver for the thing and since then have had NOTHING but driver crashes. This is REALLY bad for a Video card/driver.

The PSU is 850W and the machine is running 16gb 1600mhz ram. I even reset the BIOS to make sure and still nothing. I am at a loss and it appears I am going to have to take this item back and get an Nvidia 650Ti card (the customer's second choice).

I know Win8 isn't the greatest but this is so ridiculous.. Gigabyte, did you people TEST this on Win8?

BTW, after I installed Win8and all it's updates I ran a performance test, it got EXACTLY the same results as it did before running a 1gb GTX460 card, terrible..