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C&Q & overclocking (Phenom 965 BE & GA-790XTA-UD4)

C&Q & overclocking (Phenom 965 BE & GA-790XTA-UD4)
« on: February 16, 2010, 09:04:28 pm »
Hi all, does anyone have any idea C&Q works sometimes & not others.  i.e. 1 session even if task manager shows 0% load by CPU sits @ 4GHz (overclocked on water) & doesn't throttle down in terms of vcore or multiplier.  But if I reboot (sometimes several times) C&Q works.

I know my board is relatively new so its bound to have a few bugs/quirks but I've never known C&Q (previous experience was socket 939) to work @ random.  Usually it either works or it doesn't until you change the setting that disabled it.

Any suggestions of advice will be appreciated.
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