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gigabyte 990fxa-UD5 rev. 3.0 !!!!

gigabyte 990fxa-UD5 rev. 3.0 !!!!
« on: October 23, 2013, 08:27:52 pm »
Hello everyone just been registered.
I have gigabyte 990fxa-UD5 rev. 3.0 and i have problems with setting the bios for overclocking and generally a stable system.
So when i try to oc my fx 8120 from default to 4 ghz ( which is perfectly safe without even touching the voltage), when i try to restart my computer first it closes then it opens again.
When i reset to default settings its restarting normally without closing, so i guess something wrong with my settings.
In my old revision with f10 bios without the UEFI  interface i had no problems at all !!
Just changing the multiplier and done ! 4 ghz !
Plz if someone has the same motherboard with same bios (FB) plz give me some assistance cause i dont know what to do !!!
Thanks a lot and sorry if the topic is already open and i cause trouble. ;(
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Re: gigabyte 990fxa-UD5 rev. 3.0 !!!!
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2013, 05:30:55 pm »
Make sure to turn off any power saving features, also disable boost and make sure your memory is at default clock and settings then try to OC your processor. Once you get the CPU to where you want it you can raise your memory back to what you want.  Also i have read that people get to 4.2 on that processor but alot of people also say anything over 3.8 doesnt help.
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