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i5 3470 + GA-Z68AP-D3 I can not OC turbo mode

i5 3470 + GA-Z68AP-D3 I can not OC turbo mode
« on: November 07, 2013, 06:06:36 pm »
Hi, I have a problem so I have a set of i5 3470 + GA-Z68AP-D3, before buying flipped through the internet and was supposed to tweak Processor to about 3.9 GHz by raising TURO mode (turbo ratio) of 4, but I still have a BIOS AUTO with the "TURBO RATIO". Does anyone know how to make a difference? Because I know that on this motherboard can be ... (BIOS version FD) / / you can not even invade the turbo ratio / still is AUTO. He immediately jumps to select Power turbo limit, I wonder what is the cause :/ / / / besides, I do not have a BIOS option "Real Time Ratio Changes In OS" - which seems to me to be necessary when overclocking. The motherboard manual, this option is ..... So how overclock this processor with turbo mode? please help
P.S.Sorry my english language....