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it all started when i wa bored 1 nite and started looking into overclocking my amd x2 6400+ 3.2ghz cpu,all went well and sucessfully o/cd to 3.67ghz just on the fsb setting.
then i saw a phenom 9950 quad core black adition for sale on ebuyer at good money,so i purchased that thinking this will fly in my rig (did it hell as like).
specs of my rig before quad core upgrade
x blade case( crap for o/cing)
800watt antec psu
ga-ma790x ds4 rev 1 f5 bios
amd x2 64 6400+ 3.67ghz o/c
Zalman CNPS9500A-LED Aero Flower cpu cooler
1 gig 9600gts graphics card
6 gig ocz ram ddr2 800 speed
3x 500 gig sata 2 hard drives 32mb cache each drive( rapid drives go really fast)
sata dvd drive dl lightscribe x22
2 fronf 90mm fans and 2 rear 90mm fans
vista ultimate 64bit os
the temps on this o/c where 40-45 idle/ 65-70 loaded.
so new phenom cpu arrived and just swapped over,dont get me wrong a1 for multi tasking and general computing but whan you get use to running at 3.67ghz this new phenomm seemed to run slow.
so off i went into o/cing this phenom(what a nightmare for 3 days and nights), wife not impressed?
found relly good advice on overclockers and spoke to tech help at gigabyte uk,
the biggest issue i had was the temps 70c idle not good for your rig trust me!!!
so done a bit of leg work on case cooling and quad core cooling,
so purchased the antec 900 gaming case and a new artic cooler pro cpu cooler( crap dont buy it).
sent cpu cooler back to ebuyer and purchased the new Zalman CNPS 9700 LED ( what a beast,nearly twice the size of the Zalman CNPS9500A-LED Aero Flower cpu cooler) what a monster.
swapped all my rig over to new case and got back running again,what a differnce in temps 34c idle hasnt gone over 42 loade yet this overclocked temps not standard settings.
i now have a rig running a quad core overclocked at 3.54GHZ ( YES 3.5GHZ) GOES LIKE A ROCKET.
all i have done is alter fsb and drop memory timings and up cpu voltage.
done 10 stress tests with OCCT cpu tester at 45 min bursts & complete everest test & prime 95 all night test all came back stabe.
ive had no B.S.O.D or unexpected shut downs all running spot on
if you have any questions i will be happy to help
sorry moved this to overclocking section