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Cold boot resets BIOS settings, raises DRAM Voltage

Cold boot resets BIOS settings, raises DRAM Voltage
« on: December 06, 2013, 04:45:01 am »
GA-X58A-UD5 Rev 2.0, Fe5
Intel 980x
Corsair 1600mhz 24GB RAM, 1.5v 9-9-9-24 CAS

I've had issues with RAM b4 so I replaced OCZ with Corsair after talking with Intel regarding what occurs when the 980x is loaded to the max with memory, enabling triple channel mode. I was told by an Intel engineer on the phone that nothing past 1.5v DRAM is acceptable for this processor. My new ram is 1.5 volts and 1.5 volts is selected in memory DRAM voltage settings in BIOS.

Whenever I change any other setting regarding performance, say setting the multiplier of my CPU up slightly (which requires NO VOLTAGE CHANGE at all, so instead of 3.33ghz to 3.46ghz) everything is fine and stable until I shut down and let the computer sit a few minutes. On boot, it then reboots itself before starting and I see it puts CPU back to normal in my OS. If I go into BIOS, it tells me boot errors occurred from voltage errors and I see my CPU settings are back at normal.

HOWEVER- I also observe my DRAM voltage is now 1.648 V even though I always specify 1.5v! This is the voltage error, not the CPU error that I believe is occurring. From here, with the BIOS back to normal CPU settings, if I save by F10 and do a cold boot, the problem now remains FOREVER even though their is NO OVERCLOCK. In other words, now even the settings the BIOS set are not reading!

I have to then enable "optimized defaults" then start from scratch, then things work though sometimes my 1600mhz ram will show up as 1333 in OS, not always. I've actually lived with this for 2 years but now IM MAD! I even have created a normal profile and OC'd profile in BIOS.

NOTE: I do not change BCLK settings, I even have set my RAM to 1333 or less. I have XMP1 profile.

What I think is that CMOS is messed up and keeps resorting to a setting after cold boot for some reason. My RAM should not be run at 1.65 volts but 1.5 volts. Thank you for your help.
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