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two pages, question from October no Official reply from Gigabyte - waste oftime


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If you were hoping to get a reply, just look at the first two pages, there are questions going back to October 2nd and all two pages have not got a single official reply.

It's users helping users here.

I don't wanna sound like a rager, but, I've emailed, used the official forums and it looks like I'm wasting my time. The product I bought doesn't work correctly and it's not my fault gigabyte doesn't have good after sales support.


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I think it more boils down to the fact it's a community forum, not an official Gigabyte forum with techs etc.

This forum used to get regular replies on here, from the moderators Dark Mantis, or absic, but don't see them online that much now.

The only official Gigabyte posts are for promotions it seems.

I very rarely look at these forums myself to be fair.  For this forum to be successful, Gigabyte need to find some volunteers who are willing to put in the time to answer the questions.

The main Gigabyte forums is here >>

OcUK forums is good, most popular forum in the UK >>

This ones very good to, most popular forum in the USA >>

Use any of these, and you will get great advice, some really good, knowledgeable people.  :)
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