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Vcore Loadline Calibration and NBVID Loadline Calibration confusion, Athlon760K

Hi I know I am new here but I am hoping that I might get some answers that I cannot find elsewhere.
I have a GA-F2A88X-D3H motherboard and an AMD Athlon 760K (Richland based) CPU.
I am running 8GB of 2133MHz RAM (XMP).
Also for cooling I am using a Antec Kuhler 650 closed loop water cooling.
The CPU is overclocked to 4.2 Ghz and the NB is 2400MHz.
Now for my question, what should I set the Vcore Loadline Calibration and the NBVID Loadline Calibration to ?
The options of the motherboard are Auto, Normal, Extreme, Medium, Low, Standard. (what does that mean ?)
Currently it is set to Auto. But I am not certain if that is correct and have a feeling that I am doing something wrong considering the overclock.
I am having sleight stability issues in games (Crysis 3) and also the temperature seems to be getting a little warm even thought I am on water.
I have done nothing to the voltage of the CPU and EasyTune 6 tells me I have 0.000 V offset.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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First the best way to overclock your 760k is to make it through the mb's bios and not using easytune...4,2ghz is very good which voltage have you used ? Normally 1,40v should be enough more generates more heat... LLC is set on auto for me as i've done a gentle overclock with my 5600k (40x100 @ 1,30v --> +0,00v on sniper a88x M.I.T)...Using normal, medium and extreme settings will adjust your cpu vcore better under heavy load since you should know that heavy load downgrades the vcore set in bios: i.e: 1,40v can reach 1,35v or less which will cause instability and bsod as 4,2ghz needs more power to be stable so a high llc setting will "automatically" adjust the right way the needed vcore under heavy load (games, benchmarks...)
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