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GA-Z68AP-D3 Bought in UK need RMA

GA-Z68AP-D3 Bought in UK need RMA
« on: January 25, 2014, 09:33:30 pm »
Hi guys.

I am from Portugal but i got some parts of my pc bought in Uk like the cpu and mb, my mb is just doing loop boop and then shut down, i alrdy done verything since clear cmos, 1 slot of ram, using i5 grafic card and nothing, just black screen and i whant to RMA this thing.
From the serial i see she still need half more year to do the 3 years then i think i still got rights for RMA right? The serial starts like: SN1132 that means  year 2012 and month 32. Can some tell me how can i do RMA since i am from Portugal and in gigabyte site they just say to speack with reseller but the 2 years alrdy passed  and i dont got the paper of the buying.

Thanks in advance and sry for the slugish english ;)
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Re: GA-Z68AP-D3 Bought in UK need RMA
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2014, 07:51:09 am »
Hi guys. i rly need some help with my RMA, my board still doesnt have 3years and gigabyte is refusing to RMA my board unless i pay the costs of repairing, doesnt all gigabyte boards got 3 years warranty! This is what they said to me.

Dear Eduardo Santiago,

About the issue you mentioned, because our warranty service is provided by the original supplier and the distributor in that area, if you want to RMA/repair/replace your product, please kindly contact with your original supplier or the distributor in that area for furthering help. For distributor contact information, please click HERE.

Since your product is not under warranty, if you want to arrange RMA service, it is possible to charge for RMA service and spare parts could be unavailable.


It alrdy passed 2 years and the distributor doesnt give me warranty, why gigabyte is refusing me to give me warranty if i am still in the 3 years.