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u2442n Gigabyte laptop uk warranty


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u2442n Gigabyte laptop uk warranty
« on: February 21, 2014, 12:52:10 pm »
Hey guys,

New member here. Just a quick heads up as to my positive experience with the warranty support for Gigabyte laptops. I bought a second-hand u2442n Gigabyte laptop on eBay on January 2014, and after a couple weeks of use, it just died on me: meaning I shut it down, but when I got back to it a couple hours later, it would not power up anymore - not even the power led, nothing at all.

I was still on time to send it back to the eBay seller for a full refund, but decided to try and have it repaired instead, even though I did not have the original receipt, and the eBay seller could not even provide the original proof of purchase.

Anyway, I contacted by both phone and email Gigabyte warranty contractor:

 iThink IT Limited/Gigabyte Support
Unit 17, Stafford Park 12
Tel.: 01952 608784
see for the general customer email too.

I wasn't successful on the phone: a very long wait, almost 20 mins I think, and then the chap on the phone told me that without original receipt or at least proof of purchase (e.g. bank or card statement with the transaction for the purchase of the laptop), he could not give me a ticket for repairing the laptop. I then decided to email them, and got a response from the very helpful Simon Daniel, the manager there I think, who asked me for the Warranty Number on the laptop and then issued me a ticket, with a request for sending the laptop to the address above.

I sent it on a Monday, and the Friday of the following week I had it back with a new motherboard. You can follow the repairs as each ticket is assigned with an online thread, and you get an email notification every time that a new post is added to the thread by the repair technicians (does it make sense?).

The only minor concern is that it took them one week before even looking at it, as the first post appeared the Monday after they had received it, and simply said: 'System powering up OK, battery is flat, running tests'. I replied that was weird as it would not power at all with me. Their second post came immediately the next day, and said 'System has intermittent power when warm, replaced motherboard, now ok'. The next day they shipped it back to me. I haven't opened the parcel yet and tested the laptop as I'm at work, but finger crossed it should all be ok (I will update if it is not).

Overall, I have been very pleased with the pragmatism of Simon Daniel in accepting my laptop by simply checking the Warranty Number, and by the repair service which keeps you updated as to what they are finding and how they are trying to deal with it ;D