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Ga-78LMT-USB rev 6.0

Ga-78LMT-USB rev 6.0
« on: February 27, 2017, 08:58:54 am »
Hi all well my English its not so good . I came here because I want expert help my issue started the last week my Hyper 212 EVO fan started to loud even when i change my AMD Stock Fan. Always when i open what ever on my Windows 10. The fan makes alot of noise when i moved the mouse also when i open Opera navegator the HW monitor show me this RPMS at idle 1100 min - average 1300- max 1700 . When i used Easy tune 6 i put disabled then default settings and all those RPMS change to NORMAL Speed  800 rpms and max 1000 rpm and NO more NOISE even on games . Bios Config: Smart Control Cpu is Enabled and System fan enabled too Cool&Quiet Enabled too. Whats going on?

I need it at all costs Easy tune ?? :( my pc specs are

MOBO - Ga-78lmt-Usb rev 6.0 (6 months of new)
HDD Sata - 500 gbs (7 years usage very old but keep working only 3 sectors damaged hd tune pro results)
OS- Windows 10 64 bits ( New with disk before Windows 7)
Ram - 8gbs 1333mhz ( like a year or more)
GPU - r7 370 Asus strix 2gbs Vram ( 4 months of new)
PS - 650w certificate 80 bronce  (Recently New)
FAN- Hyper 212 evo ( 2 months usage )
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