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« on: May 17, 2014, 04:52:59 am »
Hi All,

First time here so please don't stamp on me too hard!!!!

I am trying to update the BIOS on my X79S-UP5-Wifi motherboard, according to the current BIOS I have version F3, and according to the Gigabyte site there is an F4 version out, I have downloaded it onto my machine but am being told that I have the wrong version. (attachment)

I am running an I7 3.6 processor and have 64Gb of 2400Mhz ram with Win 7 64bit Pro.

There is a Gigabyte @Bios icon somewhere on my machine but I have never noticed this icon on any of the other Gigabyte mobo's I've had that includes another X79 but cheaper motherboard, will this update my BIOS??????

For future reference is there anyway that I can tell whether the BIOS is suitable for 64 or 32 bit before I get the error message????

While I am here is there anyone who can suggest ways I can boot up and shut down quicker????

Thank You


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Re: Annoyances
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Here is a link to another thread on this:,14482.0.html

If you want to boot up quicker install windows 8.1 But one place you can look at is click the start button and type msconfig.

Once it is loaded. Then click on start up and shut things in there you don't need running at start up.

How long does it take to boot? I'm running almost the same setup and it takes about 45 sec to boot.

If that is why you want to update the bios. It isn't going to really help. Plus if you have a lot USB drives that could cause some of the problems too.
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Re: Annoyances
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Thanks for your response and suggestions.

After closing a few things, done via msconfig it still takes at least double the time of yours to boot (2min 10sec last time)...I do have an external HDD connected via USB most of the time and a couple of flash drives all located at the front of the machine, but some time ago the majority of those at the back shut down (only keyboard and mouse working) maybe one other.

It was one of the reasons I wanted to update the BIOS and I was hoping it'de bring a few of the USB's back to life.

Thanks again


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Re: Annoyances
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You must update your @BIOS first to version 2.33.

If you have overclocked your system,I suggest to load optimized defaults in BIOS and save,to avoid
any interruption during flashing BIOS.
Even you can flash F5F BIOS from ver. 1.1.

Re: Annoyances
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2014, 02:20:23 am »
Thank you very much Guys,

Bios updated but haven't checked the USB's yet

Greatly appreciated