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Removable batteries? On P Series?

Removable batteries? On P Series?
« on: June 02, 2014, 04:37:38 pm »
Hello. I have seen your awesome P-Series Ultraforce Midrange gaming laptops. But some of the series, I might plan to get.
But one problem that upsets me is the unremovable batteries in the P35 and P34 series.

Because, at times, I want to have continuous gaming without having to insert and remove the battery, to keep the power high, and to also avoid overcharging. And this is the problem: With no removable battery, playing games would always be disturbed by the battery power dropping, and the you have to deal with the cables by plugging it on and off. :(

So the solution is to simply add these removables under the laptop. Probably like the old iBook, the bottom battery would pop-up by a spring, allowing removal. And that can be done by a little knob-thing. And make sure the battery doesn't interfere with any of the stands, as that may be uncomfortable. And with that simple change, the laptop can be on continuously, without the hassle of taking off the charger and plugging it on every hour to keep the power high.

This is also good if at the last minute, you suddenly have to leave, but you need the battery full. Instead of noticing that it is low, or keeping it plugged in risking the lifetime of the battery, you could put back the battery, unplug, pack and you are ready. And no worries, because the battery is full.

I am always doing this to my laptop, and doing it everyday, running it six hours continuously, like a desktop without any hassles.
So, if you could, please make the series able to do just that. ;D