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CPU & iGPU multiplier reset after shutdown


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CPU & iGPU multiplier reset after shutdown
« on: June 13, 2014, 07:53:25 am »
Motherboard: Z87N-WIFI (rev 1.0); CPU: 4770k; BIOS: F6b & F5
I have pretty good overclock of 44 x 100 & 1650 with offset voltage.
Set up OC, restart, boots fine, do a pretty long windows session with HD Video and HD gaming...stable no problem.
Shutdown system....startup the next day ( 5 hours after )...CPU is 35 and iGPU is 1250. All the voltages have remained with OC values (sometimes they transform into fixed voltage).
After a bad flash I recovered with DualBios and F5 has even more problems (doesn't acknowledge multiplier over 39). I thought the beta might be better.
Problem has been pretty much from Day One but I thought it was my fault for a bad OC. But have been stable for some months now, so the Settings are solid.
Suggestions: ?
Sending it into warranty would cripple my activities for some time....and there's no sound reason yet, is there ?