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Radeon 7790 freezing in browser flash etc.

Radeon 7790 freezing in browser flash etc.
« on: June 14, 2014, 11:13:56 pm »
Hello everyone!

I've got a problem with my GPU. It is/was a good card for the money and working great in games.
Issue start when im using web browser and in 99% cases flash player, no matter of site, the whole machine stop responding. There is no BSOD it's just system/screen/sound freeze. Reset is the only option to get back. It is wierd and doesn't happen every single time of browing but it also can happen like 3 times in a row.

I was trying different drivers, reseting CMOS and even changed my PSU from fortron to thermaltake smart 530.
Nothing did help. This kind of problems doesn't happen when i change my GPU to old 8800 GTS.
Also there is some weird screen tearing in browsers.

I was looking around uncle google and found out that more people had, pretty much, the same  issue with sapphire and asus cards

Without any progress on fixing this "thing" I tried to ask on Gigabyte support, the only answer they gave me was "update BIOS",  which was a ghost BIOS cos there isn't any newer to download. So did I tell that in my answer to support. After some time, person mailing with me,  sent me "newer" BIOS (This was a month after my first message, gj support). OK, let's flash.... Nope this won't work...BIOS that was given to me is either the same my card is currently equipped with (error message says that during flash) or modded and not officialy supported by Gigabyte, which can cause warranty lose and I don't wanna that.

So my question is simple, what to do with that? Should I send that card for repairs? Or maybe there is an option to fix that with some soft?

I will appreciate answer, thanks!  :)