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Gigabyte policy review


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Gigabyte policy review
« on: October 15, 2014, 10:32:25 am »

I'm kind of pi**ed off lately. All the companies in the world brag about how their products are top notch, ultra durable, ultra fast, ultra overclockable and all of this PR BS they feed their customers all over again and again and again.

In the middle of 2013 I bought my Z77X-UP7. It's barely end of 2014 and there's literally no updates nor support for this 400 euro motherboard. They call this "insist on ultra durable"? Well, to hell with Your durable, because there's no real use for "durability", when You support Your AAA product for less then one year after its release.

All of the GA software is totally useless when practically applied. Your installation wizards are constantly crashing, or doing BSODs, update utilities doesn't work at all and are heavily outdated. Your servers are pushing data 10-30 kB/s.  In general besides Your HW part, You managed to fail at every other aspect of Your policy towards customer, every single one out there.

And even HW ain't much. Bought lately over 50 brix computers, and the new ones [HW] are horrible. You seriously placed wi-fi module right below mSATA SSD disk place? You know what it does? 70-90°C on mSATA SSDs, that's what! Those machines are time bombs, I needed to move to LAN via RJ-45 on all HW brixes, in order to "lower" the heat dissipated from these otherwise magical boxes.

Please GA, do something about this peculiar situation,




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Re: Gigabyte policy review
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2014, 01:50:46 pm »
Will be interesting to see the response to this, its pretty damning.
I'm fairly sure (or maybe fairly hopeful) that this doesn't represent GB on the wider scale but their response will define that.

Maybe you were just a bit unlucky.

I'm happy with my P67A board, that I haven't really touched in 3 years!
Now that I have a bit more time looking forward to playing with what send to be a really nice board and hopefully get a nice OC. Even though the components are quite old. Software wise as far as I can see there have been continued updates of drivers, bios and utilities.

Hopefully yours is just an isolated scenario. Because after a love affair with abit boards, then a hate affair with Asus am glad to have found gigabyte that seem to have great boards and a great community too. Enough to rival Asus community with their flakey boards and bad customer service.
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Re: Gigabyte policy review
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2014, 03:24:35 pm »
gmcraib - haha, I went the same path myfriend. Abit and Asus, stuck with GA, but to hell with them. I was servicing yesterday two notebooks from Asus, one was 2008 and one was brand new gaming they're most expensive for 1,8k eur. Software for the entry class notebook [F3GS] was splendid, excellent, awesome, purrfect. Everything worked like charm. The one for G750JZ is total crap, piece of sh*t. Absolutely unfunctional. I was changing SSD drives, wanted to clone genuine system, then copy it from recovery media I created [on flash disk] nothing worked. It's a total disaster. I think the more we advance in years, the less companies care for their product, and are going by rule: "Bah, in 3 month we'll have another flagship, who'll care about that one?"