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Can anyone give a rough pricing for 'repair attempt only' RMA on a faulty 7970?


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Hey guys,

So i'm an idiot and bought a 'new' 7970 Ghz model in December last year of eBay... and for various reasons i couldn't actually test it until now. Upon plugging it in, i was greeted by some rather obnoxious and unhealthy blue lines across the screen that disappeared when unplugging and using the integrated graphics. Considering it's been sitting in storage all this time, i think i was kind of swindled by the original seller who probably knew full well of it's faults, but there's no use in pointing fingers now!

Despite being listed as new and probably still within the original warranty of wherever he bought it from, the original seller is actually being vaguely helpful and saying he'll look for some original receipts. Though i'm starting to think that they may be useless anyway as the warranties are usually non-tranferrable and what not.

BUT ANYWAY, i emailed Gigabytes service centre about a repair/replacement and alluded to the fact that i may have bought through a private seller as opposed to a licensed trader and it seems that my only option is an attempted repair as the customers cost.

So my questions are:

• Firstly, i'm sure it differs for each individual case, but does anyone have any ball park figures (i'm in the UK, but any would be great) for the cost a customer may have to pay to get a GPU fixed?

• Secondly, what's the average process and time frame for an RMA? Do i have to wait for them to send a box or a postage label? Etc, etc.

• And if worst comes to worst and the onsite engineer can't fix whatever is wrong with it, what's the process there and is there anything i can do to get it fixed elsewhere? Seeing as it was such an expensive (and foolish!) purchase I'm truly gutted that it won't be eligible for replacement if it's deemed irreparable, though i completely understand why, and frankly i'd do as much as i can to get it fixed as i can't afford to simply write it off.

Thank you! Any and all input would be greatly appreciated!

GBT uk want between £30-£50 to look at it
not much use  eh ?