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7970 Issues worried about RMA

7970 Issues worried about RMA
« on: September 26, 2014, 04:55:36 pm »
Hello.  I purchased a Gigabyte windforce 7970 last year.  Since the start of this year I've had some issues with artifacts.

The card works fine at the desktop and when gaming but after a 30+ minute gaming session im seeing colorful artifacts on the screen which get worst the longer i play but it doesnt happen all the time.  It doesn't do this with all my games, just the more graphic intensive ones as examples, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Bad company 2, Crysis 3 and Test Drive Unlimited 2.  Usually between 30 minutes and an hour this occurs.

I have tried stress testing the card using furmark and that wont show the artifacts again it doesn't seem to do this on all my games just the ones i mentioned and a few others (these are just what I've noticed).  Temps all seem fine with the card never going over 60 degrees.

I have tried updating the amd drivers to the latest ones, updating even to the latest amd beta drivers, reseating the card in the pcie slot, different monitor cables including another monitor also.  I have also recently reformatted my computer with a fresh windows install but the problem still exists.  I purchased another power supply last week as it was suggested on a computer forum this could be the issue but this didn't help at all.

Im open to suggestions if you think there is anything i could try before rma'ing it?  I'm a little concerned if I RMA the card it wont show artifacts during testing and the card will be returned to me still faulty.