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Gigabyte Warranty its a struggle compared to EVGA

Gigabyte Warranty its a struggle compared to EVGA
« on: September 03, 2014, 11:53:00 am »
Just Got a gigabyte mother board and Cpu from a well known forum (2nd hand) turns out till not boot anyway, guys had it about a year or so, so its still in warranty ?
Well the lad bought it from either scan or Ocuk (he cant remember  Fair enough)  anyway turns out after a fair bit of faffing about with some help from gigabyte uk the board was supplied from a German wholesaler (who has a uk  Depot) anyway Gigabyte uk wont go near it unless I pay them £30 and then that still wont get a repair under warranty ?
so I eventually get a German gigabyte passport and contact them again and they tell me to go back to the supplier for RMA which I cant as I don't have the invoice number (still waiting on the guy getting back) Oh and if you look on the german web sit the Motherboards have a two year warranty, however uk is three ?
Now when I had a faulty EVGA gtx 680 card I simply went online gave them the serial and they RMA'd it simple, gigabyte could surely do the same  ?
and surely it doesn't mater what country your in if the board has a fault give them the serial and send it to them. Rant over  
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