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780Ti Ghz & UD3 MOBO problems


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780Ti Ghz & UD3 MOBO problems
« on: October 04, 2014, 07:33:05 pm »
OK, seems like I am treading on old ground here. Fitted new card (780Ti Ghz) on to my UD3 Mobo. Would not boot up properly. Re-installed my 680GTX, after much ado I flashed bios to F20. Machine boots up with new card (takes forever), but will crash on most of my games, FC3 will crash when starting game. The bios is un-navigable, the cursor flickers, will only move randomly with mouse, then returns to middle of screen. You cannot scroll with your up & down buttons as the cursor takes precedence & will not let you access any of the adjustments (cannot change boot priority). It would appear there are many people having problems with ;

a) these cards been incredibly unstable
b) the compatibility of the UD3 mobo & these new cards
c) the inability of gigabyte to acknowledge there is a problem, or provide a resolution.

Seems I have wasted a lot of money (was reduced from £559 to £389) for a supposed upgrade which seems to have inadvertently wrecked my PC & made is almost unusable.....

Do I get a new mobo (real pain, I have 6 HDs) or another card?, (having to go through the whole RMA process, if the card is at fault!) either way is an enormous pain in the derriere