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GA-Z97X-UD5H Rev 1.0


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GA-Z97X-UD5H Rev 1.0
« on: October 09, 2014, 10:43:06 am »
Just built a system with a GA-Z97X-UD5H motherboard and the Power LED will not stay on on the case front panel I have the front panel LED connected to the PLED + and - on the motherboard (I don't use the PWR_LED connectors on the motherboard) I've tried the motherboard in a different case and the same thing happens, when I first switch it on sometimes the Power light comes on then flickers then goes off and stays off.

Its running F8 BIOS can't be 100% sure its worked with the default BIOS it came with F6, just out of interest is it OK to downgrade the BIOS from F8 back to F6 or will that create some problems.

Any ideas  ???

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Re: GA-Z97X-UD5H Rev 1.0
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2014, 06:53:37 pm »
True you should use pins 2&4...  but have you tried 15&17 or 15&19.  I have no idea if F6 BIOS would resolve.  Downgrade should be possible since gigabyte uses a dual BIOS solution.  Maybe someone else can confirm.  Rev 1.0 of this board had issues.  You might consider opting for rev 1.1.  RMA with vendor or Gigabyte may be an option.  

Edit ***** Alt & F10 keys during POST will automatically allow you to copy the Main BIOS to the Backup BIOS chip.
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