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ga970a-ud3 SYS_FAN1 control problem

ga970a-ud3 SYS_FAN1 control problem
« on: October 14, 2014, 08:15:40 am »
Hello everybody,
I bought ga970a-ud3 (rev1.1)  motherboard and I have problem with fan speed. I read everywhere, that SYS_FAN1 connector is able to control connected fan speed. I've connected my case fan (3-pin) into this connector, leaving 4th (reserved) pin free. In BIOS (F7) settings, I have enabled smart fan for sysfan1. Fan has max speed all the time. I have tried also speedfan (I can control CPU fan there) to lower sysfan speed, with same effect - fan at full speed. I have no other idea how to control this fan speed, is it possible, that my fan control hardware is broken or something, or I am doing something wrong?