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Do gigabyte UK reply?


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Do gigabyte UK reply?
« on: November 22, 2014, 12:12:00 am »
Hi all,
         Just wondering if anyone knows if gigabyte UK reply to letters? Or update a support ticket when it's recieved? I recieved a reference of ID75566-1

Email-ID: 75566-1 

Question:  I recently bought one of these motherboards, and have found it does not have an I/O shield. Is it possible to purchase one from yourselves, as I have been unable to find one anywhere else online. Thanks for your time, Chris. 11/6/2014 8:08 AM     

Dear Customer,

Should you wish to obtain the I/O shield please mail us at the address below with a stamped addressed envelope and we will send you one please note stocks are limited and you may have to wait a short while until new stock is available.

Please remember to include details of your motherboard. A GTS Email Printout is ideal.

GBT Tech Co
13 Warren Yard,
Warren Farm Office Village,
Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes
MK12 5NW

11/6/2014 11:06 AM

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 Product Info
Product Name:  GA-F2A55M-DS2 (1.0)

I've sent the letter, and heard nothing since. Do they take a while?


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Re: Do gigabyte UK reply?
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2014, 06:27:05 am »
Hi there,

I can assure that Gigabyte UK do reply as I have had occasions that I have needed to contact them, but like all large businesses it can take some time for them to do so.

If you are waiting for a part, the delay could be due to the fact that they are waiting for it to be delivered to themselves before they send it on to you.
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