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from 4/11/2014 which is far to long.
Gigabyte esupport Email-ID: 74222-1 74222-6 Email-ID: 75042-1   75042-4
I contacted the Technical Department who failed to pass my info on to rma department,
I cannot believe that Gigabyte support is now this bad For years
I have continually used Gigabyte graphics cards and motherboards for reliability,
I always advise my customers to buy Gigabyte for new builds and upgrades, (i will not be doing that any more)
the service received from gigabyte or lack of service should i say is totally disgusting

26/11/2014 still no rma for my gtx680so
gigabyte has the worst Technical & Rma Department i have ever had to deal with (absolutely disgusting service)
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Re: Rma
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First of all sorry for the problems your experienced. I have just checked this case internally. You have received email message from UK RMA department on November 27. We have received your problematic VGA and it will be processed today.

Please feel free to contact me over PM to discuss further if needed.

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ZX-S & C64 are still my favourites ;-)