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X99 SOC Overclocking

X99 SOC Overclocking
« on: January 01, 2015, 01:52:59 pm »
Hi Guys

happy new year

need help with my new Gigabyte X99 SOC Force motherboard along with Intel 5960x processor and G-Skill 2666 DDR-4 RAM

I am a basic overclocking user and always depend on the preloaded profiles available with the Asus Motherboard Rampage III Extreme. And I am happy with that overclocking results. This time for my new computer requirement, i had bought the above materials and tried my basic overclocking skills

Unfortunately I cannot achieve this and my CPU is still showing ~1200 MHz.

Current BIOS: F6n

At the very first stage, i tried the CPU upgrade option and selected the "I7 - 5960x CPU - 4.3 GHz" and turned off all C-States related values

The result was CPU running at 1.2 GHZ

Second Stage, i tried the instructions given with this guide -

The result was CPU running at 1.2 GHZ

Also noted the following at the bios - MIT status page

CPU Cores - 1
Turbo Ratio - 12
Non Turbo Ratio - 12
Turbo Frequency - 1200.33
Non Turbo Frequency - 1200.33

Guys, help me out to resolve this issue. I am struck with this 1200 MHz and nothing move beyond from this stage.


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Re: X99 SOC Overclocking
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2015, 02:43:51 pm »
Did you try bios F5 as the F6 bios are all beta. I would flash it to F5 if it still does it then you have a problem with either the board which I think it is or the chip. It is that bios is not seeing your chip for what it is. So is keeping it at default.

I have had this happen to me also usually a bios update fixes it. If F5 doesn't fix it then email gigabyte support and tell them what is happening they may have a newer bios update to take care of this. Or they may advise you on what bios to use after that if it doesn't work you will have to RMA board.
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Re: X99 SOC Overclocking
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2015, 08:04:36 am »

Thanks for the suggestions.

Tried with all the BIOS versions and still the issue remains same.

Mailing to Gigabyte support team with all details to diagnose further.