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rma board recieved back with same faults


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rma board recieved back with same faults
« on: January 24, 2015, 05:37:17 pm »
hi guys , seen other post similar but older.

rma was followed

sent board back on 20th jan 2015
signed for              21st jan 2015
shipping invoice dated 22nd jan 2015
i recieved back on    23rd jan 2015...

i assumed the board was fixed by the repaired shipping notice,,the board still has the same faults! it still does not function at all and these are the orginal problems..

no beeps, boot or display or usb 2/3/, ps2 power, fans spin, hdd or optical will make noise..

Im confused to say the least, I RMA'd the thing because 26£ over 60-70 for new board, if im told to send it back again , the price is moving to remit where i Shouldnt have bothered with warranty..

anybody have any views on how to proceed in sorting this problem out would be appreciated.
many thanks