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Gigabyte Brix i3 4010u Hard Freezes into a brick.

Gigabyte Brix i3 4010u Hard Freezes into a brick.
« on: February 07, 2015, 09:58:33 am »
Hi everyone.

Well I am in a bit of bother with my Brix.  What happens is I get a hard lock-up / system freeze at least once a day that requires me to push the power button till it turns off because nothing will reset it. My wireless keyboard and mouse lock up as well.

My Brix was bought off ebay as an open box 'new' item.  When I got the Brix everything looked in good order.   But now I am wondering if it was faulty to begin with.

I am running Ubuntu 14.04.01 LTS with latest kernel.

What's in the Brix:

Crucial mSata M500 SSD (This could be the issue as I have since read of a Queued-Trim data corruption problem on this drive that affect Linux users, although digging deeper on the matter it seems my kernel should not be affected)
Intel 7260 Wifi adapter (I thought this could be the problem but I removed it and used a TPLINK USB WIFI stick and I got a hard freeze as well)
8GB Crucial 1600Mhz DDDR3L RAM (I have done a quick memtest86 for about 2 hours and it passed although it could do with a full night of testing)

I am currently trying a new power supply because it looks like the power supply that came in the box was not original.  Maybe it could be faulty.  Anyway I am trying a spare laptop power supply I had laying around that fit the specs of the bundled one.

If the power supply doesn't work what else could it be??

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