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Support for >2TB Drives


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Support for >2TB Drives
« on: March 08, 2015, 09:14:28 pm »
Good Day Gentlemen - This is my first post and I have a question - would appreciate it if anybody has any suggestions on how I can move forward on this .

I have multiple GB Motherboards running on XP and of course >2TB is not supported.
GA-MA78GM-US2H      /  890GPA-UD3H     /     MA790FXT-UD5P

I am now at the point of changing to Win 7 as I have  multiple copies  and W7 supports >2TB. How do I find out if my motherboards could support this [ with BIOS upgrade ] if needed. I cannot see anywhere on the GB website how this information would be obtained.

I am really hoping   ;D  one of you guys out there will have a solution !!!!!!!