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Not receiving a proper response from Gigabyte technical support


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Hello Forum,

I raised a support ticket with Gigabyte regarding VRM temps to ask them what the maximum temps are for the the VRM's on the 970a-ud3p motherboard, and if 97 Degrees Celsius is a safe temp under load (running Prime95 for 30 minutes).

The temps I was looking at were in HWiNFO under "VR T1" and "VR T2". I sent them a screen shot of HWinfo also with all the temps, VRM, CPU etc.

The first reply from Gigabyte technical support was....

"Dear Customer,

Because most of the 3rd party software does not know our hardware design and somehow it is impossible to optimize all with our products; therefore, we are sorry to say that we cannot guarantee whether the 3rd party software can report information correctly. Sometimes it may display miscalculated/unsupported readings.

By using GIGABYTE motherboards, if you need a tool for hardware monitor, we recommend you to use EasyTune utility which you can get from driver CD or download from our web site. "

So then I replied asking where do I see the VRM temps in EasyTune, and their reply was.....

"Dear Customer,

The VR T1/VR T2 is one for CPU temperature and one for System temperature, when run the Prime95 and the temperature below 100 degree is normal. "

Obviously a 96 Degrees Celsius temperature is not normal for an FX-8320 CPU, as the maximum for that CPU is 62 Degrees Celsius.

The people they have answering emails don't have any technical knowledge it seems. How can I get a proper response from Gigabyte technical support?

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Re: Not receiving a proper response from Gigabyte technical support
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same here i will never buy gigas***e again