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990FXA-UD3 r4 pcie/sb problem ???


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990FXA-UD3 r4 pcie/sb problem ???
« on: April 29, 2015, 11:01:55 am »

first, my rig:
FX9590 @ stk
990FXA-UD3 r4, bios f3i
2x8 Gb ram @ 2133 c11 1t
asus R9 290x @stk
2 hp 360 nic (pci-e 4x)
fresh win 7 x64

I've some troubles with my MB:
sometimes, it won't boot, it don't reach bios:
-randomly, if my wireless mouse was charging on a usb port... I fix it with extra NB voltage.
-sometimes, since i've had my 2 nics. So i must clear cmos, and so on...

my nics are ok, my mouse and my ram too, no problem on other rig.

if i unmount my nics, all rocks.

what voltage can i raise to solve 2nd problem ?


AMD FX9590 / R9 290X 4Go / Giga 990FXA-UD3 / G.Skill Ares Blue Series 2x8Go @2133c11 / 2 HP NC360T / 850w Cooler Master 80+ PSU