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Need help with my first OC

Need help with my first OC
« on: May 17, 2015, 11:15:05 am »
I just bought a pc for standard gaming
And I'm looking to over clock the CPU but as its my first time doing so I'm not sure on how to
The specs people laugh at but it runs what I need and also plays GTA V smooth (30-40 fps)

Intel q6700 quad (2.7ghz) for now
GELID Tranquillo cooler (rev.2)
4gb ram (will be adding a further 8gb)
GTX 560 TI 2gb

Motherboard is a gigabyte EP43-DS3

I've seen people say they have there's oc'd to 3.9ghz safe, I'm looking to get around 3.5 if possible and need a dummy's guide on how to do it on my mobo.

Thanks in advance, Chris.