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Performance of GC-Thunderbolt 2

Performance of GC-Thunderbolt 2
« on: July 06, 2015, 04:11:58 am »
I bought two sets of GA-X99-UD4 with GC-Thunderbolt 2 on each set. Windows 8.1 is installed. When I connect the two PCs via thunderbolt and read from ramdisk on one and write to ramdisk on the other, the throughput is very low. It only performs 280~450MB/s depending on slot the thunderbolt card is inserted to (PCIE_2 and PCIE_3 slots according motherboard manual). My questions are,
a. why is the performance of thunderbolt card so poor?
b. why is PCIe transaction speed of thunderbolt card only 2.5GT/s? It's not the same with PCIe 2.0.

Thanks for help.
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