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EasyTuneEngineService.exe and graphicscardengine.exe from gigabyte always runs

in the backround why ?
what these 2 files do ??
I installed app center and system information viewer from gigabyte to watch system voltgaes and temp

but I did not installed easytune also it does not appear on app center
what these files do in the backround ??

I'm using i7 6700k
ga z170x gaming 5
I don't want to overckolock
if I uninstalled EasyTuneEngineService will system information viewer still work ??

Uninstall it. It's bloatware. Seriously. Ya don't need any of it.
Overclock or at least set vcore better/lower than auto in UEFI.

On a side note, I wish I bought a ASUS board. The off set voltage on my ga-z97n-wifi makes no sense and doesn't behave in any predictable manner, there's no LLC control and ya...Easytune sucks.