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RMA over 2 months issues rant!!!


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RMA over 2 months issues rant!!!
« on: September 22, 2015, 04:31:16 pm »
Sometimes at beginning of July 2015 I've ordered GIGABYTE GA-X99-UD3 motherboard from an local dealer.
And then nightmare starts.

First it didn't wanna start at all. Pressing buttons didn't do anything.
After some reconnecting and checking all connections (they were all fine btw) it started, went to bios and stayed there. I went away to prepare USB for installation of OS, when I was back comp was off again. And that was last thing it started.
I tried bunch of stuff, replaced PSU, always same thing, it lights up MBO twitch CPU cooler for a part of sec and all shuts down. It was DEAD. On top of that it killed my USB 32GB  flash drive as well.....

As i was in rush for bringing comp online for work I;ve sent it to dealer to send for RMA and I ordered new ASRock MBO as I couldn't wait for this...

Today is September 22nd!!!
And last news from them that my dealer transferred to me is that they can't release MBO as they are waiting for us to send f***ing piece of mask for USBs, audio and all that crap on the back of board. In al rush and everything we forgot to send that piece of metal and now they are holding everything for way over 2 moths.

This is RIDICULOUS and this is NO WAY to treat customers.
What kind of support is that may I ask you?

My last message that I said to my dealer here that is talking to them directly is to give me back my money and forget about MBO and everything i don't want to hear about them any more.

It is ridiculous and no way to treat customers!!!!!

So can anyone tell me is this ok or am I crazy here?
I do have all info about purchasing place from my dealer he shared all with me and will or sure see to look for
other contacts and ways to compensate for this because I don't wanna that mbo any more, I want my money back!!
I had to vent a bit first but next step is looking fora  way to deal with this because I don;t wanna have anything with these idiots again and will make sure to spread word about this GREAT customer support....