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CMOS battery low voltage


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CMOS battery low voltage
« on: October 23, 2015, 04:58:38 am »
Not sure if this applies to Gigabyte boards or not but last evening I shut the house power down to work on the main switchboard.When I turned the power back on the media pc just kept turning on and off by itself.It does not feed through a UPS and was not on at the time of the power outage but was plugged in at the wall socket with the power supply switch on.I thought I had a power supply problem but as it turned out it was only a flat CMOS battery.Board is a DFI Lanparty.Might apply to Gigabyte boards also if they have a failing CMOS battery.Obviously it was on its last legs and the power cut was long enough to cause it to fail totally

                                                                      regards Steve
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