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Unacceptable Delay in Laptop Repairs

Unacceptable Delay in Laptop Repairs
« on: October 23, 2015, 11:40:25 am »
Hi everyone,

I purchased this a Gigabyte P35X V3  in March 2015. Within 2 Months the keyboard developed a fault where the Enter key ceased Functioning. The laptop was with the service centre for one week before it came back. I noticed that the keyboard was not even before and after its return which points to serious build quality issues. On the 17th September 2015  the laptop was again sent off to a service centre for repair as the screen had become faulty. To date I have not received the laptop back due to "supply issues" with the replacement screen. I have just been informed there may be a further delay.

As you can imagine this is extremely worrying as one would not expect a £1500 laptop to have these issues and also it massively inconvenient to be without the system as it is also used for work allowing me to work at home whilst caring for my 1 year old daughter.

Is anyone else experiencing these kind of issues as almost 6 weeks without the laptop is ridiculous! Am I actually able to get a refund as I have zero faith in Gigabytes products now.

Many thanks
Richard Stephens