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Problems with Gigabyte X99 finally answered

Problems with Gigabyte X99 finally answered
« on: November 19, 2015, 04:01:57 am »

I gave up on the X99 board from Gigabyte in January 2015 - took the 700 USD loss - and just went out and bought an MSI XPower. No problems at all. I did do a RMA request for the Gigabyte - but simply did not care about it.

Anyway, around June having more time and out of curiosity I did ask if the RMA was still valid.

The answer af the RMA: CPU pins bent and not covered by the RMA.

Check your cards to see if your CPU bins have bent. The socket in these Gigabyte boards seem to be of bad quality - since most are/was experiencing the same problems (bios, reboot, black screen - and finally end of board working). I only put my CPU into the board around start of October 2014 - and tested until January 2015 when the board failed completely.

I never took the CPU out of the socket to test whether the pins had bent when I put it in - that never happened to me since 1991. The same problem even happened to a review magazine who complained about the same problems.

I've build my PCs since 1991. So this CPU was only sat in the socket once. I never make mistakes there :o)

So the legs bent? Or the legs bents over time - i.e. from the pressure ... of the cooler? I do not know.

But the legs are bent.

So in January 2015 I crapped the board when the screen suddenly turned black - and before that all the instability problems people including me were writing about at the time. Probably the legs just kept bent'ing until finally the board did not work anymore. I had a watercooler on top ...

Anyway a piece of crap. I had the same problem with the last Gigabyte board I bought a few year back - that made me stop buying Gigabyte cards. This just reconfirms Gigabyte has a production problems with their cards that seem to remain.

When Abit went away - Gigabyte replaced them in my case. Then I went with Asrock - out of curiousity. Today I read reviews of cards - and decide depending on the feedback. Wish I had done that for the Gigabyte card - but I was an early adopter - and took the penality for the early adoption I guess.

(BTW I was just archiving my papers - and before throwing out the RMA paper and the card in the garbage can, remembered I would post it here ... so you can check your pins. May be you can get Gigabyte to RMA boards with bent pins in the socket ... I have never seen this before - and also never had a card this bad physical quality. Even the compared to last Gigabyte card which lasted for 1-2 years - then a component fell of the card)

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