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RMA´ing Z97X SOC-Force from spain


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RMA´ing Z97X SOC-Force from spain
« on: December 15, 2015, 07:25:32 pm »
Hello guys and girls,
i got a little situation here:
I had a poweroutage and that killed my PSU aswell as my Z97X SOC-Force with its SATA-Controller.
Earlier this year i just got it form a friend as a birthday present so i just called the german supporthotline (and here´s where it gets catchy). They said that the motherboard was bought in spain and that they dont have any international RMA at all.
So my kind question is if it is possible at all to get a RMA with the spanish support ?
Its a great board and works, appart from the SATA-Controller fine and it would be definitely a waste of good hardware to leave it now as it is.
Hope someone has advice or a solution for this problem.

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