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OC a Z68-AP-D3 + core i5 3570K

OC a Z68-AP-D3 + core i5 3570K
« on: January 13, 2016, 11:32:58 am »
I installed a new air cooler on the CPU and I have tried to push the OC higher.
So far I have got to 4.2GHz stable with temperature max ~70-75C. I left the Vcore voltage set as Auto in the Bios. When I tried to change the Turbo boost settings from auto to 4.4GHz, I got a problem, 1st boot on Windows I got a Blue Screen then it rebooted fine, but I could not access the Bios anymore... after several attempt I manage to access it and I restore the previous saved settings (OC 3.8GHz), everything was back OK. So I put it back to 4.2GHz, and that's stable.
Does anyone know if I should increase the Vcore voltage to reach 4.4GHz? Or is it OK to leave it on Auto?